Hi, I’m Dr. Bob Nichols And Here's a little about me.

I’ve been coaching, training and counseling ministry leaders, pastors, and major organizations around the world for the last 30 years. My passion is to see transformed lives through the power of a transformed heart.

A Speaker and Teacher

For over 30 years, Dr. Bob has been delivering transformative messages to the Bride of Christ.


Dr. Bob’s book, Issues of the Heart, deals with a myriad of issues that stem from our heart and affect our daily lives – and shows us how to heal them.

Pastoral coach

Dr. Bob has been a coach to pastors in growing bodies of Christ all over the world, becoming a mentor and confidant for pastors who need a pastor.


Dr. Bob is a trained and licensed counselor specializing in marriage counseling and personal growth. 

church mentor

Sometimes, churches need a mentor to guide them through the trials of ministry. Dr. Bob has been serving churches in a mentorship capacity for over 30 years.

Transforming hearts, transforming lives

Dr. Bob has a passion for seeing life transformation that comes through heart transformation by the power of the Spirit.

Trusted by pastors and leaders around the world

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For over thirty-five years, Bob & Laura have started and pastored Churches in Texas and Virginia. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Bob & Laura went to start and pastor their first church in El Paso, Texas. During their first two years in El Paso, Bob was able to earn his Doctorate of Church Ministry. For the next twelve years Bob & Laura started and pastored churches within the Southern Baptist Denomination. In 1985 Bob & Laura started Redeemed Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational church in Austin, Texas, which became their base for a world wide traveling ministry. In 1995 Bob & Laura left the pastorate for full time traveling & consultation ministry. In 2004, Bob returned to school and earned a Masters & Doctorate in Psychology.

The focus of Bob & Laura’s’ work for the past twelve years has been in local church consultation and pastor’s conferences. They help local churches in crisis situations through “Life Coaching” and “Intensives” (a 6-month program for local pastors dealing with Personal Growth, Ministry Skill Development, & Ministry Strategy Development). Working with a team of other professionals and leaders, they work in developing strategies, problem solving, leadership training, and counseling development. His travels take him to Central and South America, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean, as well as through out the United States.

Most recently Bob & Laura have developed a training course for church counselors. These three seminars are being developed on DVDs in five different languages for international distribution. These seminars are entitled “Issues of the Heart.” These manuals were the topic of Bob’s doctoral dissertation in Psychology.

Bob and Laura have three adult children and their families… Rebekah Nichols (son Stone), Jeremy and Rachael James (daughters Skyleigh and Sierra, sons Landon and Canyon) and Ben and Romay Nichols (sons Eligh and Eadon, and daughter AnnaMay).